12 o’clock, honestly I find it hard to focus on the stuff I felt like I liked in the past. I had long ago made a conviction that no matter what my job was I would do it well and enjoy it without complaints, that was going to be my way of living life. I guess its not necessarily that I’m having trouble with and I feel like my convictions will steadfast; however, this path is a really long and winding path that leads to what I want to do in the future. Right now the stuff that I’m doing (math and computers) to be exact, is demotivating to me and thats why my convictions are a little shaken. Also the ever looming question of “is it worth it in the end” is but a sandstorm about to wipe the floor with what I considered my life.


It feels like pessimism o’clock, does that mean that anything will be accomplished? no. What does it mean? Not much; in fact as much as society or everything means anyways.

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私の心に打ちたその最後の一擊 by sunshine

If only it was smaller

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when i’m done dealing with someones shit


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If anything you can say that alcohol can make the time pass


Ive been getting more and more sentimental everyday, I’m not about to go and die am I?


Eva everytime….


Looks like we caught the last of the good eras, maybe I’ll write out my thoughts so that they can be understood; but right now this feels like the only thing I was to say.


Anime tag or manga genre should include, adorbs little brother/sister